Alan Ratcliffe has been described as a musical polymath, having both a wide and a deep knowledge of most aspects of music and the music industry. He is focused on cutting-edge music technology such as: effects; instrument & amp modelling; synthesis; sound reinforcement and recording. He is a:

  • Musician – Singing and playing guitar, guitar synthesizer, bass and drums. Usually all at the same time!
  • Luthier – Repairing and set-up of most stringed and percussion instruments, building electric guitars and servicing electronic musical equipment
  • Guitar/Drum/PA Tech – For bands and solo artists
  • Sound Engineer – Recording, live, TV/radio and stage
  • Recording Producer and Mixer – All genres
  • Workshop Clinician – Hosting workshops and demonstrations for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all music technology items
  • Consultant – Sound installations, architectural acoustics and soundproofing
  • Writer – Book author, article writer and equipment reviewer

Latest Articles

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Effect Chain Order

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Guitar Effects 101

This article is a copy of my workshop notes handouts for a series of clinics I did with Roland/Boss. Info is short and to the point as demos and examples were done live,... READ MORE

New website!

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