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As you may have noticed, the site is undergoing major changes at the moment – which is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now. The new site will reflect the myriad of services which I offer – I have been quite busy since my last updates and since leaving GuitarForum SA, but moving more into using my skills, rather than writing and talking about them.

Rest assured, I will be uploading all the great articles I had on the old site, updating where necessary. I will also be adding all the articles previously only available in print magazines. So if you were looking for something specific please be patient. If you need something urgently, please contact me and I’ll sort something out.

Having moved away from writing for print, I am not continuing with my equipment reviews and, as most were a little dated, I’ve decided not to re-add those to the site. Once again, if you need something specific from that section urgently, please contact me.

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  1. Peter Bertie

    Hi Alan,
    was wondering whether you could help me – a little while ago I read your article about piezo pickup saddles and bridges on electric guitars with great interest. I am planning to have a piezo pickup (probably a Fishman Tunomatic Bridge + preamp and blender etc) fitted to my Vintage V100 Les Paul type guitar in order to get an approximation of an acoustic guitar sound, and a blend of acoustic and electric sound in addition to all the luscious tones the guitar already gives me. Firstly I was wondering whether you could send me all sections of the article – can only access the ‘basics’ section at the moment and would really like to read again what you talked about in the other sections (amplification, effects, advanced applications etc). Also, do you have any recommendations in terms of modelling/effects units that would make the pure piezo ‘acoustic’ sound more realistic (ie putting back some of the ‘woodiness’ and body etc of a true acoustic guitar) – for example the Zoom A3 or the Fishman Aura Spectrum Di units; indeed would these actually be the right beasts for the job? I am already planning to get an acoustic amplifier (a Marshall AS50d or r??) to sit on top of my guitar amp (Line 6 DT-25) so that the ‘acoustic’ signal is given the best chance to sound decent (and not sterile, like when it goes through a pa speaker). Really appreciate your time. Best of luck by the way with the new website.

    Best Wishes,


    • Hi Peter

      I will be updating them before I add them to the site, but just give me a day or so and I’ll PDF and email those old articles to you. I’m using a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI with great success (although it meant putting in a lot of time to try out lots of images). A great way to go these days is to use a Fractal AxeFX II or a Line 6 Helix – both can process both magnetic and piezo signal chains at the same time, plus can load impulse responses (basically the same thing the Aura does). Acoustic amps are basically mini-PA’s anyway and I find you have to look to the high-end models before they outperform a good PA or powered monitor.

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